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Is 100% of your FLEET on the road today?
We can help with that.

Demand for CDL-a drivers is HUGE

Transportation industry is in a crisis due to a large labor shortage caused by the lack of available and qualified CDL drivers. At the same time, market conditions have shifted significantly, and the demand has spiked. Many companies are struggling to find qualified drivers that can fill their empty trucks. AS a result, trucks are not moving, causing significant financial burden to the company and the economy. is helping great companies turn this negative situation into a positive one.

Company Truck Drivers

How it works?

If you are a company in need of qualified CDL-A drivers, you came to the right place.

Companies working with can enjoy the following:

  2. QUALIFIED candidates ONLY
  3. YOU GET A FINAL SAY- you interview and screen the drivers
  4. Flexible fee structure- Either lump sum with guarantee or monthly fee with a buyout option.

Why work with trucking for life?

Working with us provides you with many benefits and savings. By entrusting us with your recruitment efforts you eliminate the need of having a marketing team or the need to spend money on advertising. Further, we do all the initial screening and document collection, saving you 100s of man hours per year of trying to screen out candidates that will not be suitable for the role.

How to get started?

You are only few steps away from filling up all your trucks with quality drivers.

  1. Express your interest in our services by filling out the form below. You can also do so by calling (312) 248-2027 or emailing
  2. Sign the recruiting agreement
  3. Fill out a company questionnaire telling us everything we need to know about your firm’s offer
  4. Start receiving quality, pre-screened applicants.